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Back in 2005 a father and his sons saw a huge need for yard maintenance services in their area. After offering to help neighbors and seeing a hugely positive response TOTAL Landscaping was created.

At first basic maintenance was all that was offered – simple law and hedge care. As client’s needs grew we stepped up to the challenge.

After hiring accomplished landscapers, planners and a geographical botanist TOTAL was able to not only compete with other bigger companies – it surpassed them. This lead to the hiring of even more team members, the addition of more trucks to our fleet and a wider service network.

As TOTAL was able to work on more projects, the company also received more recognition from professional organizations.

Total was voted #1 new business in 2008 shortly after an expansion and rebranding.

And in 2015 the company was winner of the prestigious Green Thumb Gardening Service Award for excellence in landscaping design and function.

TOTAL has also been honored to participate in community service events including park clean ups, recycling campaigns and holiday charity food collections.

Timeline of TOTAL Landscaping Solutions

Making an impact in the community since 2005.

As you can see, the business has grown each year. We’ve been honored to serve a greater area of our community each year, finally expanding to city limits by the end of 2012.

Hopefully you’ll give us the chance to take care of your yard too! It would be our pleasure – just give us a call or use our website contact form to send us a message today.

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